Dashboard of local DMR network


Multiprotocol NODE

ATTENZIONE!! Non sono piĆ¹ disponibili i canali HotSpot (DMO e DUP) sul MASTER. Si prega di spostarli sul nuovo server FreeDMR_Italy che trovate sulla vostra Pi-Star --- CAUTION!! HotSpot channels (DMO and DUP) are no longer available on the MASTER. Please move them to the new server FreeDMR_Italy you find on your Pi-Star  

 .: Talk Groups :. 
TG# TS 1 TS 2 Description
 TG 5      D | S  Talk group XLX132-D D-Star/DMR/C4FM.
 TG 9999      D | S  Echo (Parrot).

Hotspot: D - duplex | S - smiplex

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